33 Ways to Live out Our Faith - For Mamas

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

At home - Equip, Prep, and Grow 

  1. Be intentional about reading your Bible every day - and make sure your children see you doing it! They will learn from our example. 
  2. Spend some time looking through your pantry and find non-perishable food to donate to a Soup Kitchen or food pantry
  3. Look through your closet and choose items in good condition to donate to a charity (try to find a place that will pass these items along for free if possible).  
  4. Put together bags of toiletries and food for homeless people you might come across. Make sure to add a note with the contact information for local Catholic charities, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens. Keep it in your car, within arm's reach.
  5. Make rosaries with your children and help your children begin learning the prayers. 
  6. Spend some time in casual yet directed conversation with your children about some of the basics of our faith. Ask them questions and then really listen to what their little hearts have to say. ("Did you know that God made everything?" "What do you think it was like when Adam and Eve were with God in the garden?" "What's the best thing about Jesus?") 
  7. Print off some Catholic coloring pages and sit and color with your kids.  
  8.  Offer to babysit for a friend so she can go out and get a cup of coffee by herself! 
  9. Invite the neighbor kids over for a snack or a fun activity.  
  10. Listen to a recording of the Rosary or another form of meditative prayer while doing household chores. 
  11. Spend as much time outside as possible! The fresh air and all the dirt is good for your soul. Maybe talk a little about some of the saints that spent a lot of time in nature. 
  12. Try to pray a decade of the Rosary before bed. If you have very little ones, they can play with a wooden or silicone children's rosary while you pray (we have this and this). If you have trouble concentrating while praying with children, you can use this audio recording that I love (find it here - free with Amazon prime). 
  13. Listen to a podcast like Catholic Answers Live or Pints with Aquinas that will inform and equip you to share your faith.  
  14. Dedicate five minutes to reading a little bit of the Catechism.  
  15. Write a letter to your local representatives affirming the sanctity of life and the need for its protection under the law.  
  16. Share your faith online, whether by writing a Facebook post for your friends and family to see or by writing articles, essays, and posts on a blog.  

out & about -Share the Gospel, be a witness, and care for others 

  1. Make the Sign of the Cross and pray before meals at restaurants.  Lily learned a special prayer at preschool that she always leads us in, having us repeat after her. I've actually had a few people come up to me and tell us how much they appreciated me praying with my children - you never know who's listening/watching and this is such an easy way for your family to be a witness for the Church! 
  2. Get in the habit of telling people to have a "blessed" day instead of just a good one. Half of the employees at Chick-fil-A do this and it always surprises me, in such a good way! 
  3. Carry around miraculous medals, rosaries, or religious bracelets and give them out to people you come across. Lily loves doing this & it's a whole lot harder for people to say no to a three year-old in a tutu. 
  4. Use any leftover gift cards to purchase baby items for your local life-affirming pregnancy center. We did this last week and donated in memory of the baby we lost to miscarriage and it was such a blessing for my heart. 
  5. Take your donations of food or clothing down to a Catholic charity location - bring your little ones and have them help! It's so as important for them to participate in this and to know that it's something your family does. 
  6. If you work out at a gym, pray while you exercise! Sometimes I'll walk/jog on the treadmill while praying silently with a rosary in my hand. 
  7. Go out with an evangelization team like Saint Paul Street Evangelization to non-aggressively and lovingly share the gospel. Learn more abou SPSE here
  8. Take your wild and crazy children to Mass and lovingly encourage them to participate in the Liturgy in whatever way they can. Easier said than done, but still worth a try. 
  9. Be brave, find a perpetual adoration chapel, and go to adoration! Teach your little ones about Jesus' presence in the Blessed Sacrament and the power of prayer.  
  10. Meet any criticism or discouragement with kindness and charity. If someone made a rude comment about your crying baby in Mass (well, hopefully not, but it does happen sometimes) - use this as an opportunity to quote Pope Francis  “…children cry, they are noisy, they don’t stop moving. But it really irritates me when I see a child crying in church and someone says they must go out. God’s voice is in a child’s tears: they must never be kicked out of church.”
  11.  If you ever feel the Holy Spirit nudging you to do something - whether it's to start a conversation with someone at the store, or to go to a specific place, or to pray for something - listen and act. If whatever you are feeling like you need to do is something good, virtuous, kind, or loving - it doesn't matter if you "aren't sure if it's really God". God is good, so doing good is always His will. I've given balloons to random people, I've given gift cards to random people... it might be uncomfortable but so far, nobody's gotten mad at me for giving them nice things. 
  12. In the coffee shop drive thru, pay for the car behind you. I promise the  baristas won't think you're weird. 
  13. If you have any abortion clinics in your town, join a group to pray in front of one of them. If you decide to do this - remember to be kind and loving to the employees and patients - never yell or condemn them. There will usually be training to go out with these groups and they discourage people going out on their own because this is such a sensitive situation. Remember that you will do more harm than good if you are rude, condescending, or come across as hateful. 
  14. Consider becoming a Child Advocate to assist families and children. 
  15. Consider becoming a foster parent.  
  16. Attend a peaceful protest of legalized abortion, euthanasia, or any other laws/practices that undermine the sanctity of life.  
  17. Purchase a pack of gift cards to Starbucks (or any quick service restaurant) in small increments - I've noticed most grocery stores have 4-packs in $10 increments - and keep them within arm's reach while driving to give out to homeless people on street corners. Greet them with a smile, let them know how much is on the gift card ("There's $10 on here, so that should be enough for a cup of coffee and a sandwich! There's a Starbucks right down the corner that way...") and ask how you can pray for them. 

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