A fresh start: Tea with Tolkien

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

After five or six years of sharing our family's story through these beautiful pages, I wanted to write to say that I'll be taking a step back from this blog of sorts. It's been quite a wild ride and I'm so grateful to those who have followed along, but I'm doing my best to pursue my dreams and they are leading me in a different direction. 
I've noticed, for a long while, that writing about a couple of things bring me an enormous amount of joy, yet they didn't seem to be a great fit for my readers in this place. I've written so many posts on theology & literature (specifically Tolkien) that didn't seem to quite fit in with what I had going on here. I absolutely love being a mother, but I don't find joy in writing about it in the same way anymore. I love doing crafts but I am definitely not a crafty blogger, especially since I have such a haphazard method of doing them that I can't even remember well enough to write it out well. And there are hundreds of other Catholic mama blogs on the internet, and these mamas are so passionate about what they write that it truly shows. 
So if you need me, I'll be over at Tea with Tolkien from here on. :) 
Lots of love,

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