Roses for Our Lady of Guadalupe

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Today (December 12th) was the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a feast I'm growing to love more and more with each year. Last year, I spent this day learning all about the story behind today's celebration (you can read about it here: Getting to Know Our Lady of Guadalupe) so I was ready to spend the day talking to Lily about what it meant and trying to find meaningful ways to celebrate.
I drove past three different Taco Bells today and was trying to convince myself that I should definitely stop because it would be very liturgical of me, but I eventually listened to the voice of reason that reminded me eating garbage (no offence, Taco Bell, but I mean...) wasn't a very good way to celebrate Our Lady, so I kept driving. 
When I was picking up Lily from school, I thought it would be nice if we picked up a few roses to celebrate instead. We got a dozen red & a dozen pink, not really sure what to do with them but I had a feeling we'd figure it out.
Once we got home, I wrapped them up with a little note about Our Lady and today's feast and then we decided to sneak them over to a few of our neighbors' houses. I shortened the summary from Franciscan Media a little bit so it would fit better on the page - you can see what I ended up making here.
Lily was really excited to deliver them & it felt like a really nice way to show love to some of the people we live close to but don't see every day. I probably would've given individual roses to all of my mama friends at the preschool pick-up line, but I didn't think of it until after school - next year, next year. ;)
Lily and Augustine drove up and down the street in their little red Mustang and Lily tip-toed up the steps to leave the roses at the door. I could tell she was having so much fun, despite it being so cold outside! 
So while we didn't end up having a Mexican fiesta or doing any cool coloring pages, I felt like we embraced the spirit of the Marian feast really well & I'm giving myself a gold star for feeling like an overachiever today.
Lily also watched a video about Juan Diego & Our Lady of Guadalupe on YouTube and it was really helpful for explaining the story. I had originally tried to put it into a preschooler's vocabulary and I sounded insane... "So today we are celebrating a feast where Mary came from Heaven and appeared to a man named Juan Diego. She put roses in his shirt and when they fell out, there was a beautiful painting... but it wasn't a painting, nobody painted it, it was a miracle... of Mary!"
Here are the two videos we watched: Juan Diego Messenger of Guadalupe Part One & Part Two
 For the rest of the afternoon, she was running around wearing a piece of fabric like a veil and asking me if I would be "San Diego" and she could be "The Virgin". It was so fun! Also, she requested a cheese crisp for dinner so I guess we really did eat Mexican food after all... 
What ways do you like to celebrate this feast in your family? I'd love to hear! 
Our Lady of Guadalupe - pray for us!

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